Netent vs. Playtech Slots

Gamblers fight to establish superiority in the gambling casinos. Finding the correct provider would be an appropriate starting point for most gamblers. Learn more about Netent casinos through to make a perfect decision on which provider to choose. At last, the player's preferences and taste triumphs.

Playtech vs Netent Software

In terms of the software, Playtech has secure software because it has a cross-platform that makes it easy for players to access the game from any device. However, Netent has been developing its software by introducing engaging slots, as shown by , to meet the player's innovative needs.

Netent software is reliable, as shown by the number of slots it offers for the players. The slots have unique sounds and graphics that create innovative solutions for quality slots. Different from Playtech, Netent has been sharing its affiliate casinos with other software providers.


Gaming experience in Netent vs. Playtech

The reputation and first movers advantage make Playtech satisfy players with amazing slots. The gaming experience is perfect, with more than 500 unique slots available for customers. All the games are easy to play and optimized to play using mobile phones. This makes the gaming experience enjoyable.

Netent, on the other hand, has a good reputation in terms of the gameplay. The gaming experience offers players with many slots. Most of the games are of HD quality with easy to use symbols to direct the players. The numbers of slots are many, but Playtech has more.

Branded Slots in Netent vs. Playtech

Playtech has partnered with famous brands such as HBO and MGM to offer unique games, including the Mummy and the Gladiator. Additionally, Playtech has collaborated with marvel to offer slots such as Avengers to satisfy the players. The branded slots have started many customers.

  • Playtech has corporated with MGM and HBO to offer branded slots
  • Netent has made collaborations with Colombia Pictures, Universal and 20th Century Fox

Netent has made collaborations with Colombia Pictures, Universal, and 20th Century Fox to offer unique branded games to reach out to new customers. The branded games include games like Jumanji, Planet of Apes, and Guns n' Roses. The branded games have set a standard in the market.

Netent vs. Playtech Jackpots

Jackpots influences players to come back for more playing chances. Similar to Netent, Playtech has a progressive jackpot that expands the winning opportunities for the players. Also, it has multiple jackpots where stakes from different games are combined to create a larger pool of wins.

The value of the jackpot determines its adoption by the players. In Netent, there are more massive jackpots, a fact that attracts more players to the game. It also has a pooled jackpot for the players and a mega fortune jackpot with higher winnings as compared to Playtech.

Exclusive Licensing in Netent vs. Playtech

Playtech licensing policy is different from the approach taken by Netent. In Playtech, the policy adopted by the company cannot allow other third-party applications to be licensed as their own. Therefore, the company cannot list projects from other companies to enable the players to access it.

Netent has an open policy where slots include other third-party applications that can be used by players. From the analysis, both companies are good with the offers they provide though Netent has edged over Playtech. The choice between Playtech and Netent depends on what the players want.